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Wild Halibut, Cod, BC Spot Prawns & Razor Clams

Premium natural wild halibut, cod, BC spot prawns and razor clams.

In the waters surrounding the islands of Haida Gwaii, fishing is a way of life.


  • Wild halibut — fresh or frozen, whole or fillets
  • Wild Pacific ling cod — fresh or frozen, whole or fillets
  • Wild BC spot prawns — fresh or frozen, whole (seasonal)
  • Wild razor clams — fresh or frozen, whole or clam meat


  • Wild-caught BC seafood
  • OceanWise certified
  • Hand processed within hours after catch
  • Sustainable catch methods
  • Generations of fishing knowledge of the Haida people


Some of the world’s best seafood originates in the icy coastal waters of British Columbia. Haida Wild has developed a reputation for deliv- ering only the very best of the best halibut, cod, BC spot prawns and razor clams, all sourced from local fishermen and processed immedi- ately to lock in optimal colour, texture and flavour.


Haida Wild ethically sources and processes pure, wild BC seafood in the waters surrounding Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Driven by a cul- tural respect for all living things, Haida Wild believes in much more than just sustainability. They believe in treating both your fishermen and your fish ethically, and fairly. To Haida Wild, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it means doing the right thing.