Ora King

The pinnacle of fresh salmon: the King is here.

Raised in some of the world’s cleanest waters in beautiful New Zealand.


  • 52 weeks of the year
  • H/ON and Fillets
  • 4kg. +


  • Bright silver skin and vibrant orange flesh colour
  • Elegant balance of sweet and umami flavours
  • Highest oil content of all salmon species
  • Monterey Bay Seafood watch “green” approved
  • Ocean Wise “green” approved
  • Certified antibiotic, hormone and GMO free • Disease free environment, no sea lice


King salmon eggs destined to produce Ōra King are nurtured in the crystal clear waters flowing from Te Waikoropupu Springs at our hatchery in Takaka. With an average of 14,000 litres of fresh water bubbling to the surface of the springs every second, the waters of this region have been verified as some of the clearest in the world, an ideal beginning to the life cycle for Ōra King salmon.


When aspiring to exceptional culinary standards, Ōra King salmon is the first and only choice for discerning chefs around the world. The high oil content naturally present in the Ōra King breed can be seen in the striking marbled fat lines within the bright orange flesh, instantly drawing comparison to Wagyu.